Workshop regulations

Maya Logo New York 2Duration of workshops will normally vary between 1 to 4 hour

  1. Registration and payment can be made on site. It’s possible to register and pay on the first day, however, due to limited space, we advise advanced registration. It is possible to attend a workshop without registering at the school’s website, in case you have limited time to enroll for a workshop before the course starts.  

  2. In order to secure a place on a course, it is advisable to register online beforehand. 
    After registration, students will be invoiced by e-mail.Proof of payment must be presented to the tutor on the first day of the course/workshop. 

  3. In cases where the registrant is a child 4 years old or under, one adult may attend free of charge along with the child.

  4. If a course is advertised as suitable for age group 10-14, and a majority of registrants are.10 to 12 years old, the school may allow for younger children to attend if a majority of registrants are 12 to 14 years old , the school will allow for children over 14 to attend the course/ workshop.

  5. If enrollment is small, the school may choose to combine workshop groups.

  6. Registration is binding. If the original registered participant cannot participate in the workshop, the place on the course can be given away / sold to another person who is not a registerered participant.

Wishing you fun and educational experience!

Please Contact the school if you have any questions. We are always looking for ways to improve our service, so your feedback is very welcome.

These regulations apply for all courses and workshops at 
Maya's School of Music and Performing Arts.

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