Norwegian folk music, folk dance and fairy tales for children!

Children are carried along in with Norwegian music and fairytale world and will become familiar with Norwegian folk songs, cow calls, traditional and newer singing games and playground songs. The lyrics will be translated into English.

Time and place: May 2014 at The Norwegian Seamen’s Church, 317 East 52nd street, NY
Instructor: Maya Østhassel
Guest instructors: Magnar Storbekken, Mary  Barthelemy , Eli Storbekken
Children: Ages 1-7 with an adult
Session time: 1 day, 60 minutes



The children will become familiar with a range of folk instruments such as:

  • Neverlur – a long wooden trumpet.
  • Seljefløyte – a long flute without finger holes traditionally made from willow/sallow bark.
  • Bukkehorn – Billy goat’s horn/Ramshorn

The session will consist of singing, playing, rhythm, and movement to music, rhyme, fairytale music and stage performance.